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After nine years of development experience with Magento®, both a Magento® Gold Partner and a Magento® 2 Trained Solution Partner, we are now offering high quality extensions for Magento® 2. Our dedicated team builds smart and awesome extensions which broaden your Magento® 2 store, thus increasing sales and usability. Many extensions are free to download. We also host a Magento® 2 developer blog where we describe our daily business and insights to our technologies. If you are a Magenerd like us, you should definitely check it out!

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Magenerd German Language Pack

Magento® 2 feat. Germany

Are you planning to enter the german market with Magento® 2? We provide a complete extension package for free which levels up your store in order to be ready for the german market. Included are a german language pack, an extension concerning german laws and a base price extension.

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